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School Teacher 3D Prints a Museum

Screen shot of Reddit post about teacher who 3D printed a Museum for his Class

Our 3D printing journey was originally inspired by the scantheworld initiative. With increased vistualisation of everything, learning has been reduced to staring at a screen. A metareverse movement is needed to bring physical objects to the classroom to learn by touch and feel. We are sharing this heartwarming story of metareverse here!

3D printing can be a valuable tool to learn about world culture. In interactive way the 3D prints engages students and helps them gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter. A teacher from Canada printed designs from my profile to teach kids about other religions. That post on reddit subsequently inspired debate on which who actually qualifies as a 'god' in Hindu religion. The teacher brought the debate back into his classroom. Overall it was a wonderful use of 3D printing and all credit to the dedicated teacher who too the time to print these complicated designs on FDM!

Here's the original reddit link:

AI Created image of children learning about sculpture from 3D prints
Representative image created by AI

Representative image created by AI


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